Service Ninebot Segway Warsaw


Segway is a pioneer in the field of self-propelled vehicles. The company was founded in 1999 and the first vehicle appeared in sales in 2001.

Ninebot is a Beijing-based company originally operating as a start-up in the robotics and transport industry. As part of the development, the company was capitalized at $ 80 million by Xiaomi and Sequoia Capital (investment funds, such as Apple and Google) and the Shunwei Foundation.

On April 1, 2015, competition from Ninebot (Ninebot) purchased shares of American Segway, controlling the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world.

Currently, vehicles from two companies are sold in parallel, targeting other clients. However, a skilled eye can see the similarity of construction in two manufacturers’ vehicles. From the service point, Ninebot repair does not deviate from the repair of Segway vehicles. Eye of the user, significant visual differences betray the reception, but the technological advancement of both designs is at a similar level. As a service, we recommend products from the above brands.